Allergy Free Organic Shampoo
Allergy Free Organic Shampoo

Allergy Free Organic Shampoo

$16.99 $17.49
Allergy Free Organic Shampoo

Allergy Free Organic Shampoo

$16.99 $17.49
Product description

Allergy Free Shampoo

This formula is simply our organic shampoo base with no essential oils added. Dogs sensitive to other shampoos, soaps, or detergents do well with this shampoo. Dogs with skin which is irritated but may have sensitivities to the organic essential oils, or if the irritants are unknown, are best suited for this formula. It is mild and non-irritating.

All our shampoos are formulated to help with specific issues such as skin irritations or allergies and by using the correct formula, will help with healing, deodorizing, and relaxing. For different formula, our dog shampoo is designed for:

  • soothe and rejuvenate skin
  • refreshing for itchy skin
  • special designed for puppies and nervous dogs
  • sensitive skin
  • deodorizing for wet doggie smell
  • oil balancing for shedding coat

All our shampoos are extremely gentle, and fine to use on any dog, with the exception of some dogs who may have known allergies to essential oil.

Natural and Vegan

Our dog shampoo all starts with a natural all-plant base, including organic oil, olea europaea, aloe vera, etc. We also made sure the preservative we use is mild, vegan, and paraben-free. Organic ingredients in the shampoo promote a healthy pet skin and is eco-friendly. Also, if your furry friend is born with sensitive skin & coat (easy to catch allergy and itch), a natural formula can be a lot safer.

Soothing, Rejuvenating, Oil-balancing, and Deodorizing

We have 6 formula for different skin & coat needs. Organic orange and mandarin essential oils to remove odor and help balance oily or dry dog skin. Unscented and hypoallergenic formula to provide a mild bathing experience and prevent allergic discomfort. Rosemary and Patchouli essential oils for shedding control and skin care. Lavender & Geranium for skin texture reform. Refreshing lemongrass & mint to help ease irritated or itchy skin. Pine & Fir for a strong yet natural deodorizing bath. Find the right shampoo solution for your dog’s unique needs.

No Artificial Fragrance

All organic shampoo from Black Sheep Organics are scented by essential oil (or unscented) and no artificial fragrance is used in any way. Enjoy different natural scent from different formula and say goodbye to dog skin irritation.


As animal lovers, we are committed to ensuring that our production process involves absolutely no animal testing. We pledge to end animal testing forever and our products are certified by Leaping Bunny. We also make regular donations to animal rights associations and shelters.

Black Sheep Organics Shampoo starts with this same base:

  • Saponified Organic Oils of Cocos Nucifera (coconut)
  • Olea Europaea (olive)*
  • Helianthus Annuus (sunflower)*
  • Sodium Bicarbonate
  • Aloe Barbadensis (aloe vera)*
  • Butyrospermum Parkii (shea butter)
  • Glycerin
  • Citric Acid
  • Paraben-free mild vegan preservative
  • Rosmarinus Officinalis (rosemary extract)

*Certified Organic

Each scent then combined with different essential oil mix...

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