Pet Parfum | Bellevue 162
Pet Parfum | Bellevue 162
Pet Parfum | Bellevue 162
Pet Parfum | Bellevue 162
Pet Parfum | Bellevue 162
Pet Parfum | Bellevue 162

Pet Parfum | Bellevue 162

Size: 50 ml
50 ml
100 ml
Product description

Bellevue 162 by HARLOW HARRY is a delicately intoxicating, unisex scent for your dog combining woody and floral notes, that will have you caving, and them sleeping on the bed every night. 

The Scent:
Woody, vanilla and smoky

If your dog isn’t smelling their best, ranging anywhere from a general “oooft” as they wander past, to guests politely patting them at arms length, to that round-the-clock wet dog odour, we’ve got you! 

A spritz or two of HARLOW HARRY Pet Parfum, is all they need. In no time, they’ll smell good enough to bury into your sheets, roll around on the couch and strut their stuff at your local cafe.

Spritz regularly to keep your pooch smelling bougie, and extend between washes.

Available in a petit 50ml bottle, or long lasting 100ml bottle (over 2 years of spritzes) for those who like to spray more, more often. 

Base notes: Vanilla, Musk, Amber, Sandalwood, Nagarmotha
Heart notes: Violet, Creamy, White Flowers
Top notes: Cardamom

• 100% satisfaction guarantee
• Genderless
• Vegan
• pH balanced
• Alcohol free
• Puppy friendly
• Proudly Australian made
• Vet, groomer and dog approved

Free from alcohol, silicone, parabens, MCI/MI, formaldehydes, toxins and any harmful ingredients.


Spray HARLOW HARRY Pet Parfum approximately 20cm from your dog and either rub lovingly through their fur, or leave as initially applied. Apply as lightly or liberally as desired.

The perfume is gentle on dogs and can be layered up to reach your desired intensity, we recommend a few spritzes on initial application and leaving for up to 3 days before re-application, or a couple of spritzes daily to keep the scent lingering, yet subtle.

For application to dogs only.

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